Luxury Goods

Shipping insurance for luxury goods.

From luxury watches to loose diamonds to finished jewelry to refinery products and more, IFS Inforsure offers competitively priced domestic and international shipping insurance to mitigate risk and minimize loss. Ship with confidence, knowing that the value of your luxury items is protected against loss, damage, and theft while in transit to virtually any location around the world.

Convenient and Responsive

IFS Inforsure offers:

  • Domestic insured shipping up to $150,000.00
  • International insured shipping to most countries up to $100,000.00
  • Insurance for most common carriers

Fast, easy, secure online shipping insurance tools

Securing your shipment is quick and simple with our powerful, user-friendly online tools featuring sophisticated built-in risk management. Enjoy anytime, anywhere access to a whole host of tools, all from one convenient and secure website.

Get fast-turn, accurate online quotes for your shipping insurance needs and see just how competitive our rates are.

Quickly estimate costs for each shipment so you can plan ahead with no surprises.

File your export shipments through the Automated Export System (AES) using our simplified, automated online tool.

Estimate and identify duty rates and export tariff rates for your shipment to destinations worldwide, using our free, web-based calculator.

Simplify the international shipping process, save paper, and reduce your printing costs with digitized trade documents.

Capture and store all your shipping addresses in a secure, centralized online location for quick and easy access and automated shipping labels.

Conveniently pay for your shipping insurance using our secure online payment system and receive payments for claims within days after they are submitted online.

Access a complete history of your shipments including addresses, shipping insurance, documents, costs, claims, and more through a central online portal.